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Fleet Maintenance


Fleet Maintenance is our #1 recommended maintenance program. From the hood to the ICC bumper, you can feel confident your unit has been thoroughly inspected. This preventive maintenance program saves you time and money by helping to eliminate those unnecessary issues that may arise on the road. Drivers may not notice minor details that our specialized technicians are trained to find and address. Whether you choose weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly inspections it is a worthwhile investment for your fleet.

Tire Maintenance

When it comes to fuel milage. Tires are one of the key elements in generating and maintaining efficent fuel milage.


Examining in-service tires carefully can tell us alot about the condition of the vehical. Checking for tell-tale signs of irregular wear patterns, while ensuring tire pressures are adjusted properly. We can save you time and money, while guaranteeing the max life out of each and every tire.



On-Site P.Ms




Maintenance is the number one ingredient to ensuring a fleet of any stature is operating at its highest level. By choosing one of the selected maintenance programs below you will be one step closer to having a well maintained fleet of tractors and/or trailers to help ensure your units make their scheduled deliveries on time. 

There is no greater hassle then trying to schedule units for minor repairs and oil changes in between loads and shifts. With our on-site preventive maintenance service, you can do just that. Our technicians service your tractors by performing a visual inspection while greasing the unit, changing the oil, oil filter(s), fuel filter(s), and adjusting the brakes.

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